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A Long Haul: Part Three

Wrapping it up

OOC comment: Gotta keep moving so we can wrap this one up before our first real session tomorrow night at 8 EST. With that in mind, I have to post tonight and can’t wait. I hope this doesn’t put you out Phil, no slight intended!

With the brunt of the Cerberus crew neutralized of fleeing, four points must be resolved:

1. The colonists are in the cargo bay, largely unaware of what the hell is going on.

2. The Cerberus officers are missing for the most part; their compliment of Marines has been mostly dealt with, but where’s the flight crew and captain?

3. What is going on with the odd life support readings Delta is picking up?

4. Finally, a new issue- an emotionless voice from the Vindicator comes to life on the coms – “[Utter shock] Gentlemen, scanners indicate that a fully armed Cerberus frigate is minutes away from our coordinates. [Trepidation] On our best day, fully repaired, loaded and crewed she would put up a challenge. [Panic] What are we going to do, we’re all going to die…I don’t want to die…I’ve never seen Paris…”



With all this going on Turhan quickly turns to a computer terminal thinking back to the type of energy he was working with back in his younger years hoping that possibly this weird life support system someone coincides with something he has seen before (Mission 1 Concept). Hopefully being able to control the life support in these compartments. This may allow our crew to take hold of the Cerberus ship for our own or just until the other ship can past and repairs can be done on the vindicator.

(Out of Character): Sorry for the late response have been working on some stuff for a symposium I had today and could not take the time to think up something for this.

A Long Haul: Part Three

Artyom mind shifts back into focus after the cold shock of his suits amphetamines hits his blood stream. He turns the body of the headless Cerberus commander and picks up his compact arc pistol and places it back into his hip holster. After a couple of seconds surveying the carnage that the GRIFN, Sicarri, and half of the Krasnaya twins caused, he hears Monso’s foreboding transmission. Before Artyom can respond a second transmission with Turhan’s plan details comes through. He makes sure his comms are set to the ship-wide channel. “Turhan you may have just saved all of our lives. LISTEN UP. Turhan, and Delta I need you too to clear Sacarii and I a path towards the CIC. Any rooms between here and there iI need you to cut the oxygen by no more than 60%. I don’t want anyone in those rooms dead, just knocked out” Artyom looks at Sacarri. "We need to find the Captain. If we find him there’s a chance we get him to tell the 2nd ship to back down. If that doesn’t work we take control of ship weapons from the CIC. Hopefully the 2nd ship won’t expect their friends to shoot at them and we can get the first volley in, I get the feeling we’re only going to get one. Aryom puts on his helmet and fastens the latches tight. He gestures for Scarii to do the same. “Last of all, Monso,. I need you to make it looks like the Vindicator is hurt worse than she is. Kill the reactor and eject a couple of escape pods. Set up some crew at some choke points near the aft of the ship. I want it to look like we’re being boarded and getting pushed rear. Hopefully they won’t just shoot. the ship if they think their people are on board And don’t worry about Paris, It’s an awful place.” Artyom draws his pistol and follows Sacarii’s lead.

A Long Haul: Part Three

Turhan begins running his analysis and notices a brief fluctuation in the system- a line of code is added to the life support sensors as he’s watching.

The ‘empty’ rooms automatically shift from reading absolutely nothing, to reading three normal rooms, with identical pressure and temperature. A few seconds later he observes a second line of code added. Now, the rooms’ readings each vary by a degree or two from one another.

It becomes clear that the Cerberus crew hacked the sensors to try to hide their presence. By reviewing the system Turhan and Delta have narrowed down the location of the missing Beloc crew. The scientist and Geth are easily able to seal and manipulate the system to drop the remaining unarmored crew.

As your strike team makes its way to the CIC the Cerberus frigate hails both ships and overrides your coms.

A voice comes clear across the intercoms of both ships and your helmets.

“Alliance ship: this is Captain Markens of the Cerberus frigate Freedom. We have come to collect the rogue crew of the Beloc and liberate the enslaved colonists. We’re proposing that you take the colonists and limp your ship back to their home, while we take the Beloc crew, give them a fair trial for trying to enslave HUMANS, after which they will be executed. Plan ‘B’ is we shoot your ship to hell and send in a squad of Phantoms to kill your boarding party and rescue the colonists from our renegade brothers. Your call- but keep in mind, I don’t lie, and I don’t bargain.”

A Long Haul: Part Three

Turhan states to Delta, “I believe we should turn them over we can give this other Cerberus group some information on where this rogue group is hiding on the ship. We could then get these colonists to safety. We should see what the others think as well.”

A Long Haul: Part Three

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