Mass Effect: Dark Horse Rising

The Vindicator

She's not what one would call a 'pretty ship...'

Your ship is the SSV-C Vindicator. She was commissioned in 2174 and was designed to transport war materiel into hot combat theaters.


Years ago, she was impressive. Now, after time and the War have taken their toll she looks as though she may be on her last legs…from the outside. Inside, her drive purrs and her controls are as responsive as the finest Turian frigate.

In addition to a small compliment of torpedoes, the Vindicator has a particularly powerful set of point defense cannons. This, combined with her sturdy armor make her a reliable, if ugly, work horse.

In addition to her own specs, it’s worth noting that the crew ‘acquired’ a Salarian fighter, the Whiplash, which is capable of being stored inside the Vidicator or clamped to the outside of the ship for fast deployment. image.jpg



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