Tobyn Ryker

Will he earn his title?


Mac, is a 6’3 250 Brown Haired Green eyed Human Male. With a large gash scarred diagonally across his face from his too close encounter with a banshee. he stands an indomitable Human with a presence hard to read. At first sight most do not know whether he is there to lead them, pass them, or eliminate them.


After the successful appointments of Commander Sheperd and Ashley Williams, the council sought vigorously for more capable human species candidates. Tobyn Ryker, a young Marine was quickly identify and groomed. Although he completed his perquisite training, it was the eve of the Reapers invasion. Not gaining the full title, Mac was thrust immediately into conflict.
After being assigned undercover to a merchant Marine supply vessel, he was intercepted on a run to Palaven to bring much needed supplies and arms to the Turians. With a downed craft and barely operable armor, Ryker was able to fend on multiple waves of Reapers. When completely exhausted of ammo and mortally wounded a Banshee teleported in for the killing blow. While being lifted up Mac activated his Omni-tool and trusted at the Banshees face, with a war-cry and closed eyes he fell to the ground slicing the air; never hitting his mark. When he came to, a small squad of Turian Ghosts came walking to him; shifting from their cloaks wile stepping over the wake of his personal war.
The Ghosts took him in, and returned to their forward position. They immediately resuscitated him and questioned him. Impressed by his battle prowess, they allowed him to fight with them on the front. Committing to incursion after incursion fraught with dwindling numbers, Ryker quickly took to the Ghost’s fighting style and discipline. Not a far cry from his time with the Marines, but far more superior in teamwork and discipline with limitless loyalty to boot. Mission after mission he fought with the 26 Armiger, burying his new found friends as they lay. He adapted their own Ghost technology to his own basic N7 armor and became an Honorary 26 Armiger. At this Honor they [the Ghosts] bestowed a nickname upon Ryker, Sicarri “dagger.” Whether that was to make fun of him for his complete miss of the banshee’s face or the fact that he stab at here as though he was using a dagger; escapes him. He enjoys his new name nonetheless.
In the final hour of the occupation on Palaven, he help plant the last explosive on one of the Reaper processing ships to free Palaven of the threat.
With his personal debt paid to the 26 Armiger, he radioed the council for pick up and was retrieved by the Merchant Marines…

Tobyn Ryker

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