Drell Physicist


Turhan is a Drell Physicist who is currently on leave of absence from the Drell Science Academy. He stands at 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters. He always wants to learn, most say this is a great thing, but it can get Turhan into some unneeded trouble. He has studied in the academy over many different things in collaboration with tons of different scientists. He has a great mission to honor his brothers unfair demise. He carries and can be seen at time looking down at this pistol on his hip and every now and then will even what seems like smile at it.


High Concept: Drell Physicist
Background: Rivals at the Drell science academy.
Trouble: The Need to Learn

Great – Academics, Systems
Good – Engineering, Investigation
Fair – Alertness, Biotics, Guns
Average – Athletics, Contacts, Endurance, Medicine, Resolve

Mission One: I’ve seen something similar

In my early years studying at the science academy my mentor Dr. Thokafoul was intrigued by a legend of an ancient Drell technology lost to the Ruins of an ancient science academy on Rakhana. He said that this find would skyrocket me through the academy. I could not resist but to go with him to find this ancient artifact of Drell science. We did not expect any wild life to be on the planet anymore, but something stirred throughout the ruin. Following my mentor he helped me not alert the life and we found our way to a terminal. As I waited for my mentor to finish unlocking the locked systems, I could not think about a day when I would be at the point in my career like him. As he finally opened the main door of the ruins, he did not expect such a loud noise from the doors. This alerted the lifeforms. This was my first time feeling pure fear about what was going to happen. My mentor looked at me and said “Turhan, It is time like these that we must not fret, we must stand strong, and we must not faulter.” He then handed me a pistol and I knew what must be done. The fight was not pretty. I ended up in a scar along my back, but we percerviered and in that probably ended what life was left here. After the battle, we saw in the room what seemed to be a new form of energy source research. We quickly grabbed the data and what seemed to be a prototype energy source and returned to our academy. Upon return my scientific career was set into fast forward.

Mission Two: Quick Analysis

Through my years of study at the science academy I have had to analyze many different sets of data. Normally it is ok to take time to make sure there is no mess up, but in a special occassion I did not have much time to analyze what was brought to me next as it was from a group of scientists (Mamanian Riltak and Eshek Dilfon) in the acadamy. What was so special about this data was that it implicated that all the work i had done was incorrect. On top of that the head of the academy had gotten the information too and set up a hearing in 2 days to go over the evidence and possibly kick me out of the academy. So in the small time I had to go through computers filled with data to prove that my findings were true. In doing the analyziung I kept coming across a similiar sight and in time figured out that there was some pattern in the data. In analyzing this pattern I was able to determine that this new data that was here to destroy my name was actually all made up. One thing humanoids can never do is randomly choose numbers. They had thought they had bested me, but in the small time I was able to prove my inicence. Though in doing so one of the scientists that was friends with the others came up to me and said, “You got lucky, Turhan.” and walked off. I then realized I had some rivals here in the academy.

Mission Three: To Honor My Brother

Growing up with an older brother is never easy, especially one that had the love for action. My older brother Vurhan was always finding ways to sneak up on me and give me a little beating telling me that if i do not watch my surroundings something might get me. As he got older it was only obvious he would join the military and in that he went into Special Operations. Many years had gone by without hearing from my older brother until one day when I was working with the Drell government on a new type of energy that would be much more efficient we did not notice we had fallen upon information the special forces were trying to determine from something they had found in a crash site in the major forest. This was the first time I had speaken to Vurhan in years and his first thing he said was straight to the mission debriefing. I tried to talk to him but he was strict on talking formalities and asked when I could join his company at the crash site. Without hesitation I said I would be there as soon as possible. In arrival my brother still didn’t want to catch up and I took this terribly, but I could begin to sense fear in him like i had never seen before. As he lead me to the site I realized that something was wrong. All the soldiers were armed to the teeth with weapons. As we got close my brother turned to me and said, “Take this, just in case.” As he hadned me a gun he could tell I was worried. He looked at me and saidm, “Don’t worry brother I will protect you.” I knew I could trust my brother and we moved on. As we reached the crash site I could not tell what I was seeing. It looked like a large squid shaped ship. I turned to my brother and before I could say anything a huge explosion happened near the ship and a side hatch blew open and a group of these weird looking creatures came rushing out. My brother turned and said, “Wait here brother I will return for you.” Then made a gesture to his men and they began heading in formation towards the creatures. I had never seen such an amazing combination of destruction and movement in a person before. That is when I knew that this is what my brother was always meant to do. In watching i did not notice one of these creatures come up behind me and as i finally notice it i was too scared to shoot so i began to run. Running through the trees for what it seemed like for about 20 minuites i finally feel as if i had gotten away. When i turn and see this creature jumping towards me, when out of no where a shot comes through his head. I turn to see my older brother bloody and barely able to run coming out from behind a tree. He then falls to a knee. I run over to him and before I can mutter a word, he speaks and says, “I told you to wait, I gave you a weapon you did not have to run.” I begin to appologize to him as i can feel his life faiding. I begin to tell him how amazed i was by what he was doing and that he was born to be a great warrior. He then replies “I was not great enough.” He then looks at the gun he gave me and says, “That is my pistol given to me for becoming a commander, Take it you will need it.” I tell him I am not skilled in using weapons like he is. In his last words he says, “You were always the better of us brother. Your mind can help you in more ways than you think.” He then dies in my arms. From then on i have vowed to honor my brother in any way possible. My first step was going after those creatures that I latered learned to be the Reapers. I found out that the Alliance was going against them so with no hesitation I took a leave of absense from my research and brought what help i could give to the Alliance.


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