Mass Effect: Dark Horse Rising

Two hours out
Prep and equip

Your ship is two hours out. For some of you that is going to stretch out forever. For others it will pass the blink of an eye.

Please use this Adventure Log to explain what your character is doing to get ready before landing, including any research into the goal itself, equipment you’re bringing, and plans for arrival.

Also, please begin formulating ideas for second characters in the event that one or more of you are killed in action.

Campaign summary
Josh wanted to be captain so....

A place for the current captain to log the events of each session. This can be a paragraph or a couple pages, whatever the captain prefers so long as it hits the key events of the sessions.

Two and a half days in Hell

A place for the players to deal with the Synthesized VI ‘haunting’ the ship before their arrival in the Strenuus System.

Sicarri: Prequel
A place for Rob to start a prequel story for his character and the rest of us to work as NPC's and co-GMs.

Every player that participates gets a fate point. Every player that runs through their whole background gets a free aspect (that’s a big deal) that’s related to an event or overarching theme in the prequel.

A Long Haul: Part Three

Wrapping it up

OOC comment: Gotta keep moving so we can wrap this one up before our first real session tomorrow night at 8 EST. With that in mind, I have to post tonight and can’t wait. I hope this doesn’t put you out Phil, no slight intended!

With the brunt of the Cerberus crew neutralized of fleeing, four points must be resolved:

1. The colonists are in the cargo bay, largely unaware of what the hell is going on.

2. The Cerberus officers are missing for the most part; their compliment of Marines has been mostly dealt with, but where’s the flight crew and captain?

3. What is going on with the odd life support readings Delta is picking up?

4. Finally, a new issue- an emotionless voice from the Vindicator comes to life on the coms – “[Utter shock] Gentlemen, scanners indicate that a fully armed Cerberus frigate is minutes away from our coordinates. [Trepidation] On our best day, fully repaired, loaded and crewed she would put up a challenge. [Panic] What are we going to do, we’re all going to die…I don’t want to die…I’ve never seen Paris…”


A Long Haul: Part Two

Save the colonists…and try not to get killed in the process.

The boarding party has been divided. Delta and Turhan are boarding the ship from the front, using the stealthy approach. Turhan’s tactic has overloaded the shields and dampened the Beloc’s sensors, allowing Delta to crawl along the surface of the Beloc undetected. Turhan is able to keep pace with the lithe geth, using compresses air jets and mag-boots to join Delta at row of Beloc lifepods. Their luck get’s even better. The third pod bay is empty. Apparently the Beloc has seen trouble in the past and didn’t have the finances to replace the deployed pod. The two Vindicators makes short work of the rudimentary airlock designed to join the Beloc to the lifepod and make there way into the Beloc undetected.


Meanwhile, Diallo, Sicarri, together with Lt. Carmine and the Krasnya brothers have deployed a boarding tube. Carmine is one of the crews better shots and is no slouch when it comes to electronic countermeasures and security systems. In less than a minute he has interfaced with his omnitool. His eyes roll back into his head as his mind drifts into the Beloc’s security systems. There’s a loud pop as the Beloc airlock opens in the blink of an eye, revealing a sudden flash of light that plays havoc with sensors and the naked eye for a split second.

Carmine is immediately shot dead.


A Long Haul

The rogue Cerberus freighter shouldn’t have guns that big…but no one bothered to tell them that.

Your ‘tour’ of the Galaxy was supposed to be over. It was time to get out of the action and put your heads straight. However, the Alliance managed to convince your Captain, a willy old Salarian named Vesser Gax, to take one last mission…Korith.jpg

The mission was a simple run of critical medi-gel components to a small human colony in the Hoc System would mean the difference between life and death for hundreds of colonists and wouldn’t hurt your bank accounts either.

Unfortunately, Cerberus splinter cells had plans for the colony as well. With their leadership in tatters, this cell has been reduced to slaving. Your crew managed to drop off the supplies minutes after the Cerberus freighter left, having abducted almost three dozen colonists to sell on the slave market or experiment on. Cerberus_squad.jpg

Captain Vesser spent all of ten seconds assessing the situation and then ordered the Vindicator to chase down the enemy freighter in a dangerous attempt to save the captured colonists.

Vesser paid for his nobility in blood. A sickeningly powerful blast from the freighter tore through the Vindicator’s hull and fatally wounded Vesser and his second in command. The emergency containment fields are holding, but your ship is terribly damaged and in a stroke of terrible luck, the Vindicator command structure was ruined.


You have approximately 30 seconds to decide whether to commence the boarding action in an attempt to save the colonists or peel away and surely save more, if not all, of the Vindicator’s remaining crew.

How to play:
1. Remember the rule of yes. Build off of what the last poster wrote, avoiding contradictions or corrections.
2. Briefly describe your characters appearance, career path on the ship, and current location on the ship.
3. Decide among yourselves who is assuming control of the ship for the time being, both physically (i.e. in the cockpit) and as far as giving commands.
4. Move the action forward as much or as little as you want; there’s room for character development, narrative descriptions of the setting and the team’s history, and action. Go with whatever strikes your fancy.
5. Don’t worry about mentioning that your character has certain bits of typical equipment.
6. Feel free to invent NPC crew members (I’ve decided there are between 10-20 at a given time) and/or locations and abilities of the Vindicator.
7. Post in the ‘comments’ section below. If it doesn’t work, advise me and I will upgrade and we will try again in the currently locked ‘forum’ section.
8. A new GM posting will be up sometime before Friday night/Saturday morning, ending Round 1. If you missed out, don’t fret and just jump in when you have a chance.

The Vindicator
She's not what one would call a 'pretty ship...'

Your ship is the SSV-C Vindicator. She was commissioned in 2174 and was designed to transport war materiel into hot combat theaters.


Years ago, she was impressive. Now, after time and the War have taken their toll she looks as though she may be on her last legs…from the outside. Inside, her drive purrs and her controls are as responsive as the finest Turian frigate.

In addition to a small compliment of torpedoes, the Vindicator has a particularly powerful set of point defense cannons. This, combined with her sturdy armor make her a reliable, if ugly, work horse.

In addition to her own specs, it’s worth noting that the crew ‘acquired’ a Salarian fighter, the Whiplash, which is capable of being stored inside the Vidicator or clamped to the outside of the ship for fast deployment. image.jpg

Welcome to the new game
Time to make your character!

Your characters are crew members of a merchant marine vessel that did very valuable smuggling runs for the Earth Alliance and the Citadel during the conflict with the Reapers and Cerberus.

For those unfamiliar with what a merchant marine is, the occupation’s general description is unchanged from our time to the Mass Effect future: “The Merchant Marine is the fleet of ships which carries imports and exports during peacetime and becomes a naval auxiliary during wartime to deliver troops and war materiel.”

As a merchant marine, your character could come from almost any background. If you are a soldier, your character worked security, fought pirates, and protected your crew at all costs. If you were a scientist, you worked to keep the crew healthy and investigate new worlds and life forms for fun and profit. Pilots, engineers, men and women trained in diplomacy and trading…there’s really room for anyone willing to work.

With thank in mind, your background is fairly open, but be advised that characters that are built with less combat in mind will get extra Fate points so that we can have a diverse cast without anyone feeling useless or quickly dying.

For help making your character, you will absolutely need a FATE rule book and can follow these guidelines: Place Holder


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