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The following is a brief bit of background for the campaign, which takes place after Mass Effect 3:

Background- A combined force of sentient races drove back the Reapers, stopping the extinction of civilization as the Galaxy knew it. At the last possible moment, a group of heroes triggered the crucible and sacrificed their lives to stop the Reapers by triggering ‘synthesis,’ a process by which organic life was altered on a molecular level to allow greater ‘connectivity’ with machines and true artificial intelligence was made even more likely by allowing more complex quantum patterns to be created by mechanical impulses.

Over the course of six months now, the odd green glow began to fade from the skin and eyes of most species and they began to figure out what synthesis really entailed. The Citadel species and Earthlings have begun to realize that they are capable of true inter-connectivity with technology. Sentient life forms can now directly project their consciousness into networks and interact with systems. Some humans have even discovered that they no longer need ‘programs’ to hack into databases. Instead, in a process similar to a William Gibson novel, they can now enter into a semi-conscious hallucination, interacting and ‘moving’ data with their minds eye.neuromancer2.jpg
Further, cybernetics can now by implanted or used to replace parts of the body without fear of rejection, loss of reflexes, or decreased sensation. This is because most species nerve endings and immune systems now ‘communicate’ or at least can be re-programmed on a cellular lever to safely interact with machines.

What’s more, after hundreds of scientific experiments were conducted on human and Taurian DNA, it appears that several species DNA degradation and regeneration have been improved. Studies show that human lifespans, for example, are now easily twenty years longer, even without the possibility of organ replacements.

Likewise, the Geth and other artificial intelligences have continued to evolve in a very short period of time and claim to be experiencing true emotions, religious and artistic impulses, and instinctual behavior.

Repairs to the relays have gone exceedingly well. Since the Reaper War, sapient species were able to rally. This combined with the efforts of newly befriended species, has led to a 50% recovery of the relay system in less than a year.

So, in short, things have gone well. On the surface. But with all the horror and destruction brought about by the war, there was simply no way to avoid repercussions. The Citadel Species and the Earth Alliance are now trying to win the peace and are dealing with rampant piracy, roaming Batarian zealots, Cerberus splinter cells, aimless Reaper drone platoons consisting of husks, banshees, and worse, and a growing political stalemate within the Citadel itself. vorchi.png

Your crew doesn’t care much about that. You’re a group of merchant marines who enlisted to smuggle medicine and other supplies around Reaper lines. EymK1m4.pngYou lost half your team in the war and have been working non-stop since then to help the refugees. For some of you, the pay was amazing. For others, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if you didn’t do what you could to help. Regardless of your motivations, now you’re ready to finally take a vacation and rest.

Main Page

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