Mass Effect: Dark Horse Rising

Campaign summary

Josh wanted to be captain so....

A place for the current captain to log the events of each session. This can be a paragraph or a couple pages, whatever the captain prefers so long as it hits the key events of the sessions.


Not even sure what the hell I’m doing here. I’ve never been the captain of anything larger than an Interceptor, and right now I’ve got an entire frigate and her crew to worry about. but, dad said, as a captain, it was always important to keep a log of the goings on around his ship and that introspection always lead to inspiration. Although, he would probably be disappointed that I’m recording this into my Omni-Tool and not using ink and paper…..or stone and chisel.

After taking time to tour the ship and get to know her systems I’ve discovered a host of very useful and impressive tools that the ship has to offer. On top of being stocked to the gills with provisions,she has a state of the art communications suite, and science lab. At one point the ship must have been using for smuggling cargo because there are hidden compartments and alcoves peppered all along the inner and outer hull. In the main hold we discovered a more than capable land vehicle. I’ve sent Sicarii to set up anything he needs in the training armory and hope to find some range time for myself. What I have found most impressive is the ships cloaking capabilities. I had no idea tech like this existed with Cerberus or otherwise. Also, I’ve opted to name the ship the Katjaa. In part because, I know she would hate it. The other part being that Turhan still believes Katjaa is the Russian word for cod fish. Lastly, I fear the ship may shared the doomed fate as my sister did.

A malevolent VI has buried itself deep into the core of the ship. Deltas attempt to interface with the VI has left us with more questions that answers, and seeing a synthetic experience true fear, terrifies me more than I thought possible. What we do know for sure is that the VI is some sort of result of the mass synthesis that occurred after Veyman traveled to the crucible.
Campaign summary

OOC- I like this a lot.

Campaign summary

OOC- you’re my hero. I hope to someday be like you.

Campaign summary

OOC – You are still missing a stardate. Picard would be disappointed.

Campaign summary

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