Mass Effect: Dark Horse Rising

Two hours out

Prep and equip

Your ship is two hours out. For some of you that is going to stretch out forever. For others it will pass the blink of an eye.

Please use this Adventure Log to explain what your character is doing to get ready before landing, including any research into the goal itself, equipment you’re bringing, and plans for arrival.

Also, please begin formulating ideas for second characters in the event that one or more of you are killed in action.


Artyom fastens the final strap of his combat armor chest plate. As he looks at the various scorches and pock marks on it remaining from the battle on board the Vindicator, he realizes that he has seen more ground combat in the last few days than his entire career in the Alliance Navy. He makes sure his omni-tool is secure, his shield charged, and that his arc pistol has extra thermal clips on his belt. He holsters his gun and walks into the elevator in his cabin, pressing the button for the Hangar bay. On the ride down he opens up a channel to Sicarii. Sicarri, this is Artyom, before we land on Trelyn I need you to head down to the cargo bay do a diagnostic of our land vehicle. The codex says the planets surface is too craggy for a space ship to land, which means we’ll break into atmo and halo jump in the land vehicle. Also, Figure out what the damn thing is called, I’m tired of calling it the land vehicle. If you can’t find a name anywhere make one up. If you need any help ask for Delta or the Belacor girls for a hand . Thuran never struck me as a gear head. If you need me I’ll be in the hangar running a diagnostic on the Whiplashes’ remote piloting system. Never know when we might need some air support planet side, and for once, I won’t be here ready to pilot it in a moments notice. Diallo Out.

Two hours out

Turhan puts his armor on and fastens his brothers pistol at his side. He sets up his omni-tool and then gets on his computer to see the area scans of the star system they will be arriving at shortly. From this he tries to determine how the different magnetic fields are acting on each other from the local parent star and its planets. From this information Turhan will begin to try and mask the ship in the fields to be completely invisible from enemy radar by making the shield signal be the same as the magnetic fields.

Two hours out

Turhan, while prepping your scans and what I’ll call ‘bafflers’ to mask yourselves, you pick up a strong, unusual fluctuation coming from your destination.

When you hone in on it more, you note that it appears to be some sort of subspace, quantum data stream transmitting from the planets surface to the planet Plobas in the Antaeus system.

As to your cloaking/baffling plan, you find that the ship is designed with stealth in mind (I believe the guys chose that as an aspect for the ship) so your plan will likely work and work well (quick roll when we’re online).

Two hours out

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