Captain Artyom Diallo

I fly.....imma pilot.

Artyom Diallo is an Earth-born Human. Born in 2150 CE into a prestigious family of military officers is the Russian city of New Putina. Artyom was in the Alliance navy for 16 years and a Pilot for 14 of those years. He stepped away from his military career in 2183 CE when his twin sister, Katjaa, was killed while serving aboard the carrier " SSV-D Dondellos". A ship which was destroyed when Commander Shepherd ordered the Alliance fleet to protect the “Destiny Ascension” from the Geth Fleet during Sovereigns attack on the citadel.

After his discharge from the Navy, Artyom has gone into business for himself, lending his skills as a pilot to anyone with the means to pay. Since the Reaper war has come to full scale conflict, Artyom has been flying with a group of merchant marines aboard the “SSV-C Vindicator”. They are a trustworthy crew and are more than capable taking care of themselves in the face of adversity. Now that peace has been declared and the Reapers defeated, Artyom hopes the crew will stay together just a little longer…..

Mission One: Your omni-tool looks like an omni-toy

Since Artyom was about 9 he had what some might call an “unhealthy” obsession with bright and shiny technology. Not so much the how it worked, but more so that it did work and had properties that could be considered either bright or shiny. So, when Kassa Fabrication released the latest version of their civilian model omni-tool, Artyom considered it his god-given duty to own one, two if they had them in stock.
Artyom’s largest hurdle to overcome was the fact that his family simply did not have the money to buy a brand new omni-tool. Artyoms mother had passed the year prior, and his father was struggling to keep food on the table as a result. It seemed being a respected former officer in the Alliance Navy could buy you respect and a round of beers, but not school clothes for your children. Knowing Artyoms father would balk at the idea of spending a years wage on a new “Wrist computer for dummies who can’t do sums in their head”, Artyom approached his sister Katjaa for help. Katjaa was, unlike her brother, a legitimate prodigy when it came to all things technology. She retrofitted an old Russian cosmonaut shuttle with an EEZO field generator when she was 6. As a result Katjaa was in possession of the families sole omni-tool, and while it was dated, she could make it do wonders. When she was approached by Artyom with a plan to get a second, newer omni-tool she was intrigued. All it would require were a few simple modifications to omni-tool they had.
The following day at school, Artyom’s plan was set in motion. He knew Yuri Armstrong was from the most affluent family in the city and would no doubt be brandishing his brand new omni-tool for the whole class to see. When it came time for Artyom to be amazed by the bright and shiny piece of tech, he had scoffed and sighed with boredom. Artyom was very reluctant to tell Yuri that his father had just acquired a military-grade version of the exact same omni-tool complete with all of the offensive and defensive applications one would expect from a military-grade death wristwatch. After watching Yuris crestfallen expression, Arytom offered a trade; Artom’s omni-tool for Yuri’s. Artyom’s reason being that he didn’t want his tech brained sister tearing the thing apart to see how it worked.After school Yuri and Artyom met in the corn fields behind Yuri’s uncles home. Yuri, not being a complete idiot, wanted to see the military-grade omni-tool in action. After much debate Artyom decided the best application to show off the tech would be the Incinerate option. The events of that evening led to 4 things happening

  1. Artyom and Katjaa had a brand new omni-tool
  2. The field behind Yuri’s uncles home never grew corn (or anything else for that matter) again
  3. Katjaas old omni-tool never worked again
  4. Artyom vowed never to strap a digital flamethrower to his body again until he knew exactly how the hell it worked

Mission Two: The upside down angel

Bartender: That’s it, That’s the last round and then you’re out of here!
Bartender: Yeah, you’re a patron who’s scaring all the other customers. Finish your drink and pack it up
Patron: Alright, alright. HEY! I ever tell you about the time I almost died?
Bartender: God damnit not this again.
Patron: There we were, nuts deep in the Skyllian Verge. We were doing some quote end quote “recon mission” but really we knew were were there to keep track of those 4 eye Batarian cock-suckers, to make sure they weren’t up to whatever it is bottom feeders like them are up to.
Bartender: you do realize this is the 3rd time you’ve told this story, right?
Bartender: You also realize I’m a Batarian, right?
Bartender: Just Wrap it up
Patron: I would if you stopped interrupting me. ANYWAYYYYYYY. We’re out on protrol in our fighters. It’s me and 5 other guys. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike and this “I think I’m better than you” asshole who’s name was like Martyrdom or Tartar Gums or some shit. So we’re out on patrol watching for the blink-blink-blink-blinks. Get it? because they have 4…..
Bartender: I get it!
Patron: okay, okay! So outta nowhere 3….no….9 Batarian Ships come! Blasting their EMPS and Mass Effect suppressors. We’re all dead in the water, and we know why they ain’t killin us. Alliance Navy makes for some pretty appealing slaves. I’m about a second from spacing myself, because fuck manual labor, when all of a sudden it just gets bright all over the place. I can hardly make it out, but I see the 5th guy just zippin around taking out Batarian ships left and right. Thing is, they must have taken out his rear stabilizers because he was flying around all upside down like. But, god damn if he didn’t take out all 12 of those ships. Saved my life. Saved all our lives. Batarians had an EMP lock on the Cruiser we were docked with, they backed off after their first strike went out in smoke. Gives me shutters to think what those, slimy, stupid, scumbag pieces of sh….
Bartender: Hey Larry! Could you lock the door please…….from the outside.

Mission Three: Shepard was wrong

Journal Entry #1 I guess? April 23 2183

Dr.Tannen recommended that I start keeping a journal after what happened in the Skyllian Verge, and since I don’t really think about that anymore, I guess I haven’t written here in some time and with everything going on on Eden Prime, I figured an outlet for my stress might be a good idea. The Geth attacked a human colony on Eden Prime, apparently is was a massacre. The Geth aren’t even the weird part. Apparently some N7 found a Prothean something or other and now there’s some sort of conspiracy involving the Specters. I don’t know the whole story, that’s all Admiral Anderson was willing to share. I guess this N7’s name was Shepherd. I think his mom was my flight school instructor. Seems like a decent enough guy. Too bad he’ll probably wind up dead

Journal Entry #7 June 1st 2183

This is it. Full blown war with the Geth or as Shepherds calling them, “The Reapers”. Look a hell of a lot like Geth to me.

Journal Entry #12 June 22th 2183

I’ve been assigned to the ship “Red Letter Day” a smaller sized carrier but still big enough to punch her weight. I won’t be head pilot, and honestly, I’m a bit relived. It will be nice to get behind the stick of a fighter again.

Journal Entry #10 June 25th 2183

Katjaa’s been asigned to the “Dondellos”. Head Engineer on the 3rd Largest Ship in the Alliance fleet. Can’t say I’m not proud of her. I got to see her for a little bit while we were both in dry dock. They have got her adding all this weird tech shes never seen before to the “Dondellos”. I guess it’s more advanced than anything the alliance has ever cooked up, I’d really like to take a look at it. All of that not withstanding She looks well. Motherhood suits her.

Journal Entry #25 September 9th 2183

This doesn’t make any sense. 3 months I’m running by the book flight patterns for open space battles, now they have us fighting like we’re in a condensed amount of space with nothing but us and one large aggressor. It doesn’t make sense

Journal Entry #30 October 31st.

It’s happening. Saren, Sovereign, Geth, Reapers, Shepherd, Alliance. They’re all coming to the Citadel right now.

Journal Entry #31 October 31st-November 1st

It’s over. Shepherd killed the Reaper ship, or the Ship that was a Reaper. We lost almost half of the fleet when Shepherd and Anderson ordered the reinforcements to protect the council on the “Destiny Ascension”. The “Dondellos” and the “Red Letter Day” were both destroyed. I was in my fighter when Red Letter went up. No idea what happened to Katjaa.

Journal Entry #33 November 10th.

Casualty Reports are still coming in and the citadel doesn’t have enough space or manpower to handle all the dead and injured. I heard a group of survivors from the “Dondellos” were at a shelter on Luna. I’m on my way now.

Katjaa’s dead.

I guess she died staying behind the ship making sure the eezo drive didn’t go nova. Everyone on Luna is alive because of her. But she’s dead, and it’s the alliances fault.

Captain Artyom Diallo

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